Is there a problem????

What can we do to help get you signed up? It's easy and it only takes 5 minutes! No more scrounging for loose change or waiting for your cheque to clear the bank.  Try it now!

If there is a reason why you haven't signed up yet, let us know why and maybe we can help you.  If you have suggestions as to how to get everyone online, please let us know that too.  We really need to get everyone on board.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have already registered with School Cash Online.  Way to go!!!!  YOU ROCK!

For those of you who haven’t, I need to make you aware that all of our teachers going forward will be posting school related trips and items online, and payment online is our preferred method of payment.  For safety and efficiency reasons, we are moving towards a "cash free" school.

One of our goals is to get as many parents registered on the site as soon as possible.

Please take 5 minutes to assist us, by following the link above and registering ASAP.


In case you don't know, parents have 3 method of payments available to them so even if you don't have a credit card, you can still register.

Echeck:  This works exactly like writing a cheque, except a parent must enter their cheque information online.  Parents go through the shopping experience, then enter their checking information.

MyWallet:  This is an “account” that parents can create by moving money from their bank account (they have to enter their banking information) into their “Wallet”.  They decide how much they wish to move.  Once this is done, then they can shop for their items and pay from their “MyWallet”.

Visa & Mastercard:  Parents go through the shopping experience, then choose to pay via “Visa” or “Mastercard”.

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