Expectations of Condor School Parents

Following are some of the frequently asked questions that parents may have regarding the school’s expectations of them when it comes to general conduct.  The guidelines are set out to ensure a safe learning environment for all of the children in our care.  If you have questions regarding any of the items discussed below, please do not hesitate to contact the school to acquire clarification or address any concerns that you may have.

May my children stay after school with a sibling who is participating in an extra-curricular activity?

If you are not present at the school to provide supervision for your child who is not actively involved in the event after school hours, they (siblings) may not remain at the school.  The coaches of the event are not able to supervise the students who are not actively participating in the event.  Your children are welcome to come and watch their siblings as long as you are there to supervise them.  Also, if your child is watching an extra-curricular event with you they must remain in the gymnasium with you.

May I (or someone else) go to my child’s(ren’s) classroom or school and get them out of class if I/they am/are taking them from school during the day or at the end of the day?

All students are required to be “signed out” at the office prior to leaving the school during the day or at the end of the day.  Please come into the office and sign your child(ren) out and they will be called to the office by a staff member.  This allows us to track all students who are in the building and in our care.  If your child(ren) is/are being picked up by someone other than yourself, please send a signed note with your child allowing for this person to pick up your child(ren).  If no note is in place and the person picking up your child(ren) is not on the emergency contact list we will not release your child to that person.

May I go into my child’s(ren’s) classroom to observe or discuss issues with the teacher at any time?

If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher or if you would like to volunteer in your child’s(ren’s) classroom, please call the school to make arrangements with the teacher prior to going into the classroom.  Making an appointment will ensure that a suitable time is arranged that will be agreeable for both you and the teacher to ensure that the teacher is available to meet with you.

May I go directly to the classroom if I am volunteering in the classroom or dropping something off for my child(ren)?

When coming into the school during school hours as a volunteer please stop at the office and sign in.  The exception to this is if it is a “whole school or public” event such as assemblies. This is a safety requirement to have all visitors accounted for and no unaccounted for visitors wandering throughout the school.  We are required to track all persons in the building in the event of an evacuation, lock down or other emergency situation and in order to do this we must know who is in the building. 

If you are dropping something off for your child(ren) it may be left at the office and it will be delivered to their classroom by a staff member.  This eliminates unnecessary interruptions in the classroom during learning or testing time.

May I call the school during the day to make or change the arrangements regarding where my child(ren) are to go at the end of the day?

All arrangements regarding your child’s(ren’s) deliveries or pick-ups at the end of the day or during the day for appointments etc. should be made in writing in their agendas.  Also, please make sure you notify your bus driver of the change.  Please, no phone calls during the day requesting that your child be delivered “here or there” or go home with “this one or that one”.  Phone calls are understandable in emergency situations but are not to be an “every day” occurrence.  Phone calls to the school, in this regard, should be the exception, not the rule.  Written notes help to ensure the safe arrival at their destination at the end of the day and eliminate miscommunication or missed messages being verbally delivered.

If I am on my way to the school may I call the school and have my child(ren) ready to go when I get there?

Please do not call the school prior to your arrival and request that we withdraw your child(ren) from class so they will be ready when you arrive.  Please allow yourself enough time to come into the school as you will need to sign out your child(ren) at which time they will be called to the office.  Often your arrival time may be delayed due to construction, driving conditions, etc.  This maximizes learning time and eliminates unsupervised students wandering throughout the school.

If I am bringing my child(ren) to school late or after an appointment may I just send them into the school to their class?

If you are bringing your child(ren) in late for school (or at any time during the day) please come into the office in person and sign them in.  Again this will ensure that your child is accounted for in the event  that an emergency takes place between morning and afternoon attendance being taken. This also ensures that your bus driver knows that your child is at school even though they may not have picked them up that morning.

If you have any other questions regarding parent conduct or anything that you are wondering about, please do not hesitate to call the school and ask.  This will also help us to communicate more effectively with all parents.



You might be wondering??????


Q: What in the world is a Turkey Trot?


A: The last afternoon prior to Thanksgiving Weekend the students run, walk or jog around the  perimeter of the school grounds in order to come closest to their estimated practice times.


Q: Does every student in the school participate?


A: All students from K to Grade 7 participate in the event.  The winners of this event are not the students who complete the track with the fastest time but the students whose actual times comes closest to their estimated time.


Q: How do they come up with a “practice” time? 


A: During Phys. Ed. Classes and other times prior to the day of the Trot the students run around the same track as they will run on the day of the event.  The teachers mark down each student’s time.  This time is then used for the students to estimate the time that they think they will come closest to on the day of the Trot. 


Q: Do the students who come closest to their time win anything?


A:Yes, a Turkey! Yes—you read right.  One boy and one girl in each grade who comes closest to their estimated time will be bringing home a real (not so live) frozen turkey.


Q: Where do these Turkeys come from?


A: Turkeys are donated.  If any parents or members of the community would like to donate a Turkey (not so live) or $20.00 for us to purchase a turkey on your behalf, we will do that.  Please contact the school and let us know.


Q: What is the purpose of  Turkey Trot?


A: The Turkey Trot promotes physical activity through a fun event.  Students gain a sense of community as they support and cheer on fellow students. Math skills are utilized to estimate times.  This event gives everyone, even those who are not extremely athletic, a chance to win which in turn promotes self esteem.


Q: May parents/siblings/grandparents come to this event?


A: Yes, everyone is invited to come to the school and cheer the students on. 


Note: Just a reminder that should your child win a turkey they will be packing a frozen turkey home on the bus unless you are here to take them home at the end of the day


If you have any questions about anything that is happening at our school just give us a call @ (403)729-3868.