Condor School is a small, rural school in the west-central community of Condor, Alberta.
This well established farming community dates back to World War 1, and displays a
tight community bond which brings family and friends together for social events, caring
charitable support, school and community sports functions and other common purposes.
Condor School has a staff of 17 that provide a positive educational learning environment to 175 students,

including students ranging from PreK to grade 7.  

Condor School offers a range of programs as well a great small town family and caring atmosphere.
Student learning is a priority. We have an on- site playschool that serves both our
community, and that of Leslieville, which is about 10 kilometres away.

Our “New” Mission Statement
Condor School is a “positive” learning environment that empowers students to succeed
academically, physically, creatively, emotionally and socially


Condor School is committed to:
implementing best practices for instruction and assessment
encouraging opportunity for purpose, hope and dignity for our students and school
community in all areas of learning and experience
fostering deeper intellectual engagement within our students
providing instruction and modelling of positive character qualities with our students
celebrating individual and collective achievement
promoting collaborative relationships within the extended community
developing and demonstrating leadership roles within the school community
maintaining purposeful, open and interactive communication by building a
foundation of trust and hope.