Annual General Meeting School Council September 17th, 2020

*Penni Lougheed volunteered  to record minutes of this meeting until the Secretary was elected. 

*Cheryl chaired the first meeting

*Attendance - Gary Thompson, Cheryl Kalev, Jackie Heide, Liz Lozo, Penni Lougheed, Nicole Dawson, Leah Casey, Melissa Pittendreigh, Allison Casey, Sara Hay, Marissa Nixon, Nancy Lublinkhof, Janneke Steegink, Shelby Shortneck, Tessa Rancier

There were also several people that were following the meeting online - Tarra LaBas, Stacey 

*Start time- 6:35

Review of Format of this meeting:

  1.  Introductions: Introduce yourself and tell us who your children are.  

  2. Annual General Meeting School Council (On School Matters) 

  3. Condor School Parent Advisory Committee Meeting (the Fundraising Society)

  4. Covid requirements-health self screen, masks while entering, participants must be 2 metres apart, no sharing of food

Condor School Council Annual General Meeting

Review of Goals: School Council is a group whose purpose is to advise the principal and the school board relation to matters relating to the school.  It functions to work together with the school to enhance student learning. School Council is based on premises of  mutual understanding, relationships, trust and clear communication. 

What makes this year Different? 

  •  We have the fortunate opportunity to have a larger group with an outlook to the future of a brand new school in our community

  • Pandemic/ever-changing guidelines

  • Two staff/parent groups with former ways of doing things and we will not recreate either of those….goal is a new unique culture that represents the best of both worlds.

Rules of Order-

  1. Start on time

  2. Meetings are professional, cordial and collaborative

  3. Items on the agenda should be submitted at least 24 hours prior to meeting

  4. Chairperson ensures every person wishing to speak is given the opportunity; one person speaking at a time. 

  5. Focus on agenda, be concise

  6. Motions must be formally recorded with who made a motion, seconder and record of vote results

  7. Votes will be recorded with majority ruling; anyone at the meeting can request that votes be silent

  8. Goal is to finish every meeting within one and a half hours.  

  9. Notes can be anecdotal summary of discussion unless motion is made

Principal’s Report

  1. Transition to DT

    1. Challenges - moving two schools and needing to store items that were once in storage in other schools that now take up the gym, pandemic guidelines and managing or balancing between health and learning. Ongoing construction/sewer issues.

    2. Positives - meeting new staff and getting to know how fun they are, Jackie reported that the kids are happy to be back and excited to be here. 

  2. Staffing - Mrs Valentine is now teaching math for DT, the Learning Commons is not open as of yet and if possible by November the position will be hired and if not the budget will go towards another EA for students. Currently 21 staff members - 12 teachers. 

  3. Budget - is good now. 

  4. Covid Response/Update - lots of information going home currently, It is up to a parent as to when a student is tested for Covid. Kids can be sent home when symptoms resolve in 10 days or have a negative test. Some dr’s may send letter if a child has allergies if there is a negative test result. Recess Cohorts - Grades can not be mixed as much as possible - this makes it easier to contact for tracing with smaller numbers. There is a newsletter being sent out. Playground allotment - Jackie explained that students are in two groups or pods and they go out for recess together. Each class gets 2 breaks per week on playground. Students also get mask breaks on the playground equipment during the day. There are not many other activities currently but equipment has been ordered for each classroom. All will have their own and sanitize before and after use. Mantracker is one game that is played - the kids love the trees. 

  5. School Vision/Mission Statement - we will bring this forward at the next meeting. Past visions and mission statements from Condor and Leslieville schools will be posted for parents to look at. Bring ideas for next time. New start.

  6. Update on New Build - demo company not chosen as of yet, everything is run through Alberta infrastructure, the rinks at both schools are going to stay put, ball diamonds will be affected in both school yards, The school grounds will be closed off for two years and not accessible to the public. When the builds are complete the electricity and gas to the rinks will not be hooked up. 

Trustee’s Report-Mr. Gary Thompson

  • Reported on the rinks staying and that the ASBA has ratified support for the superintendent’s organization support. Umbrella Parent Council Meeting is Monday November 23 will be south and north together on Zoom. 

Teacher’s Report 

  • Jackie Heide will give the teacher report this time - staff have been putting in long hours. Teachers are working hard and doing their best to get off to a good start. Students have new friendships blossoming and have embraced the new one school. They adjust faster than the adults. We will do Spirit days soon as a whole group. 

Cheryl - Condor School is our current name and new school name is not determined. 

New Business:  

  1. Adoption of Proposed Operating Procedures - reviewed - Tess motioned to approve and Shelby seconded. 

  2. Election of Executive

Description of Roles

  1. Co-Chairperson- Shelby Shortneck, Tessa Rancier 

 Nominated by Shelby by Allison Casey  Seconded By Melissa Pittendreigh

Nominated by Tessa by Nancy Lublinkhof  Seconded By Liz Lozo


  • Result - Co-Chairperson- Shelby Shortneck, Tessa Rancier 

  1. Secretary- Penni Lougheed

Nominated by Melissa Pittendreigh, Seconded By Liz Lozo

  • Result Secretary- Penni Lougheed


  1. Communications Officer - Leah Casey

Nominated by Melissa Pittendreigh, Seconded By Nancy Lublinkhof

  • Result - Communications Officer - Leah Casey


  1. Events/ Volunteer Officer - Allison Casey

Nominated by Penni Lougheed, Seconded By Nancy Lublinkhof

  • Result - Events/ Volunteer Officer - Allison Casey

All Other Members have voting rights on all motions.  

Setting of Year’s Meeting Schedule 

Thursday - October 29th

Thursday - November 26th

Thursday - January 21st

Thursday - March 25th

Thursday - May 27th

All will be held at 6:30 p.m.

New Concerns: 

  • Holding our meetings in the gym - the kids could not practice. Can we hold it somewhere else - Condor and Leslieville Halls were suggested - we could hold it in a classroom if people follow protocols and we can use the TV for online participants. Leah will let us know the next meeting location,

  • Washroom concerns Melissa has called Mike Lundstrom and the architect says there are enough bathrooms. Currently there are approximately 10 to 12 toilets for 480 kids. Parents discussed the distance to toilets and also that there were lineups - kids coming home with damp or wet pants. OHS says 6 toilets for every 100 people - Mike Lundstrom said the division does not plan on hooking up the bathrooms shown on the map by grade 4 portable.  We are not certain of how often the washrooms were sanitized for kids. Currently 3 students are allowed in the bathroom at one time. Resulting in kids waiting to use them.  Lots of discussion around the need for more and incidents where kids are not feeling they have facilities available to them. We will draft a letter of concern as a School Council asking the division to hook up bathrooms or get portable washrooms for kids. 

There are also no handwashing stations for kids to use - there is more emphasis put on sanitizer - hand washing is needed - we are asking in our letter that the division to put Hand washing stations in areas kids can readily use. 

  • Gym space is not fully usable OHS issue - equipment previously stored at ERE is now all around the gym. Mike Lundstrom can not find storage space. A letter and concerns will be communicated. C-cans are readily available to rent. 


Adjournment:  Time 7:57


Condor Parent Advisory Committee Annual General Meeting

(following 1st meeting) - September 17th, 2020


Fundraising associations are groups of people who have incorporated under the Societies Act.  This group is a means for people to provide additional financial resources and support to the school. 

Call to Order: Time 7:58

In Attendance: Gary Thompson, Cheryl Kalev, Jackie Heide, Liz Lozo, Penni Lougheed, Nicole Dawson, Leah Casey, Melissa Pittendreigh, Allison Casey, Sara Hay, Marissa Nixon, Nancy Lublinkhof, Janneke Steegink, Shelby Shortneck, Tessa Rancier

Bylaw Review:  Tessa motioned to put off until the next meeting but then amended motion by asking to remove 3C where it says that a school council board may hold their office for two consecutive years. Leah seconded and the motion was carried. The rest of the bylaws will be reviewed next time. Tessa will type them up. 

Treasurer’s Report: (Condor and Leslieville) - Leslieville has donated their funds to the Condor Parent Advisory Committee. Liz reported - General - $12, 311.43, Bingo $4345.45, Casino $1212.93 (2 years left), Hot Lunch $1350 in accts.  Liz has not heard back about the Casino dates - Condor was scheduled for the fourth quarter but with Covid not sure when things are scheduled for now. Liz has called and is waiting for an answer. AGLC reports are complete. Liz motioned that a gift certificate for $50 be given to Tarra LaBas for her audit work. All In Favor.

Fundraising/Bingo Report: (Condor and Leslieville) - Bingo license is set to expire. AGM on the 24th of September - Liz will go this time. Paperwork needs to be filled out. Tara Nedved reported she is stepping down (she is choosing to homeschool her children). She said that bingo is great and easier to do than people think. It is actually fun and friends can do it together. 

Hot Lunch Report: Sara Hay reported that she does not need the $50 that was to be used for equipment. Currently we can not do hotlunches so we may need this in the future. We will also look into a milk program in the future. Likely hot lunch and other programs can be restarted later in January. 

Old Business: Thank you to Friends of the Corridor, Leslieville Parent Council and Condor Parent Council for their efforts in securing additional funding for our new build. $180,000 was donated - $7,000 from each School Council for a total of $14,000 and when that was matched it came to $28,000 donation. 

  • Update: Society status and housekeeping regarding closing Leslieville Parent’s Society - Shelby reported that this is complete and that the Rocky/Rimbey Evergreen CoOp charge acct has been renamed The Condor Parent Advisory Committee Acct. So now we have one in Rocky/Rimbey and Eckville. 

New Business:

  • Election Of Executive (record nominator, seconder and elected official for each person.) 

    • Chairperson Shelby Shortneck 

- Tessa Rancier motioned Shelby Shortneck Allison Casey seconded

  • Vice chairperson Tessa Rancier 

- Penni motioned Tessa Rancier Liz Lozo seconded

  • Secretary Penni Lougheed

- Tessa Rancier motioned Penni Lougheed Sara Hay seconded

  • Treasurer Liz Lozo

-Marissa Nixon motioned LIz Lozo Nancy Lublinkhof seconded

  • Fundraising Committee Chairperson - tabled until next time - this could be a shared position Shelby will be interim for now.

  • Hot Lunch Committee Chairperson - Sara Hay/Allsion Casey 

- Nancy Lublinkhof motioned Sara Hay/Allsion Casey, Melissa Pittendreigh seconded.

  •  Fundraising Goals and format for fundraising - Discussion about the merits of Bingo and Penny Carnival. We will keep Bingo for this year for sure and look at doing Penny Carnival in the spring if possible. Both will likely be needed because the Elementary school is twice as big. The Penny Carnival is a great community builder as well. Janneke Steegink will volunteer with Penny Carnival when the time comes.  We will also look at Seed fundraisers in January. Bring ideas for the next meeting. 

  • Tessa motioned that she be removed from signing authority on our bank account and that Shelby Shortneck be added. Liz seconded. All in favor.  

  • School requests-none at this time

  • Field Trips-? Uncertain at this time, appetite for virtual field trips?  Discussion around no need to pay for virtual ones there are some that are free. We can look at field trips later in the year. 

Adjournment Time:  9:38



Condor School Council Agenda November 26 2019 6:30 p.m. 

Call to Order: Time- 6:29 In attendance: Nancy Lublinkhof, Tara LaBas, Dana Dickson, Penni Lougheed, Tarra Nedved, Melissa Pittendreigh, Brenda Hall, Cheryl Kalev, Sara Hay, Liz Lozo, Roxane Franzcak, Kris Ewert 

Approval of last meeting minutes- 1st, Dana Dickson 2nd Kris Ewert All in favor 

Principal Report: Education Plan - will be going ahead with grade 4 going to Red Deer for their ski trip rather than the mountains - one reason is to reduce cost to parents and teacher availability. - Unlike Calgary Board of Education our division will be able to stand behind the commitments they have made by selling the transportation building. Next year there will be more cuts that may be more noticeable. Our Accountability Pillar results are very good. Mrs Kalev focussed on more parents being welcome in the school. Sharing ideas with Mrs Kalev - discussion around goals this made positive improvement in results Goals going forward are: 

- Mindfulness - breathing - catch our breath - relaxing methods and kits for classrooms. - Establish at mentors - Implement strategies PD plans for next year for staff were also shared. There will be many opportunities for teachers to learn and grow with other school staffs. New build - meeting will be coming - Mrs Kalev will meet with Mr Swain, Mr Trieber tomorrow. Alberta Ed will be coming to tour and then dates will be coming about combining. It would be great to meet with Leslieville School Council going forward to get acquainted. 

Teacher Report: 

- Basketball started - December 5th ECS, Grade 1 and 2 will be going to tour the firehall. - Grade 5 just met with Jen Malone Classroom Champion - steeple chase runner. - Marie Rae went to the Flag Ceremony in Sylvan Lake - Interviews were good and - Bookfair was successful. Book fair funds our library. - The Opera presentation is coming December 3rd at 9:00. 

Trustee Report: Gary Thompson -not in attendance 

New Business- 

  1. Meeting time-Amend to 6:00 instead of 6:30 (Sara) Sara motioned that we move the 

meeting to 6 p.m Nancy 1st and Melissa 2nd All in favor. 

  1. Update signing authority-(Tessa) Nancy Lublinkhof motioned that we add Penni 

Lougheed be to the account as signing authority and remove Stacie Lee from the account. The other current officers with signing authority will remain Melissa 1st Dana 2nd. All in favor 

Adjournment - 6:58 

Condor School Parent Advisory Council November 26, 2019 

Call to order: Time- 7:00 In Attendance: In attendance: Nancy Lublinkhof, Tara LaBas, Dana Dickson, Penni Lougheed, Tarra Nedved, Melissa Pittendreigh, Brenda Hall, Cheryl Kalev, Sara Hay, Liz Lozo, Roxane Franzcak, Kris Ewert, Charlene Scott 

Approval of last minutes: Tarra Nedved 1st, Liz Lozo 2nd All in favor. 

Treasurer’s Report- General Account $6186.15 

Fundraising/ Bingo Report - $3852.81 Casino $5381.98 

Bingo Report: Tarra Nedved - The following dates are next years bingo and there are some volunteers already - if anyone is wanting to volunteer please get a hold of Tarra. 

- January 23 Tara LaBas - March 31 Tara LaBas - May 27 - September 23 Sara Hay, Melissa Pittendreigh, and Roxane Franczak - November 26 

Hot Lunch Report - Sara Hay - Taco in a Bag went well - Thank you to all the volunteers that helped out - Booster Juice is coming, 

Old Business- kids enjoyed the volleyballs. 

New Business- 

  1. Hot Lunch Committee - Sara Hay would like to make a committee next year rather than one person. It would be more effective and then you have a crew to help out to make it more stable. Explore vendors - for another year - ERE sent out a letter.
  2. Friends of the Corridor Update (Penni) - Fundraising for the corridor should go through the school division so that funds are matched and there are many
  3. Melissa made a motion to rename the learning commons in memory of Gem Boniface. - 

The Gem Boniface Learning Commons Gem was a much loved Literacy Educational Assistant who made a tremendously positive impact on student literacy learning and the environment of Condor School. - Kane Scott Grade 5 student spoke in support and it was heartwarming. Many parents sent letters of support of the idea. Roxane, Melissa, and other parents present spoke in support as well. It was decided that Cheryl will look into it the policy surrounding naming and how to get it accomplished. 

Adjourned 7:31


Condor School Council Meeting
Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Call to Order: 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance: Tessa Rancier, Nancy Lublinkhof, Tara LaBas, Dana Dickson, Penni Lougheed,
Tarra Nedved, Melissa Pittendreigh, Brenda Hall, Liz Lozo, Cheryl Kalev, Sara Hay, Gary

Approval of last minutes 1st Sara 2nd Melissa

Principal’s Report:

- Accountability Report results for Condor School are great from last year. Parent and
responses were from Grade 4 to 7. Great numbers in all areas compared to the
provincial numbers. PAT results were also great. We know that these numbers fluctuate
and are only one measure of student successes at Condor school. Staff utilize the
information to help set goals.

- Boys Volleyball Tournament - November 4th - hosted in Condor School

- School Goals are Literacy, Numeracy and Mindfulness as well as exploring what
learning environments and strategies work best for student mental health and or trauma
events are impacting learning and development.

- Fieldtrip fee schedule was presented for each grade with what the cost may be for each

- Parking - Nancy asked what was happening with the parking situation - Discussion
County has created new crosswalk with signage. Mike Lundstrom is coming to meet with
Cheryl about options and a letter is coming from WRSD. One suggestion could be
reconfigure the parking lot or to remove the red playground to make that area available
for parking. Something has to be done before school reconfiguration. No answers this
yet. Teachers and staff are finding the parking lot much safer without the congestion.

Teacher’s Report: Mrs Hall

- Grade 1 to 3 visited the Corn Maze. Grade 1 has started their home reading program.
Grade 4 has been to the Waste Management site with Mrs Britton. Grade 6 and 7 will
vote in the next 2 weeks. They will predict who they think the next Prime Minister will be.
Grade 7’s are writing Autobiographies.
- Mrs Hiede is waiting for ski rates.
- ECS is getting an EA in their class.

Trustee’s Report - Gary Thompson

- No News on new school or school upgrade projects - still waiting for province and will
likely hear in October. County is changing utilities in Leslieville and Condor in
preparation so project is able to move ahead if and when approved by province.

- October 10th - Governance Meeting - Superintendent Evaluation
- October 16, 17, and 18 Alberta School Board Association Conference
- December board meeting - MLA meetings
- November 24th - joint meetings with municipal governments
- March 5th Umbrella meeting for School Council
- May - School tours

- There are 6 or 7 Edwin Parr Award nominees this year - this award is from ASBA for
first outstanding first year teachers.

Old Business

- Sensory Room - Sara met with Mrs Heide regarding the benches and boxes in the room
in Caroline. The boxes are like IKEA and could be replicated for far less than $8000.
Sara suggested she knows a carpenter that could make them all is needed is
dimensions. The room is waiting for electrical work by division maintenance.

- Sara also met with Sabrina regarding Mindfulness and a write up to inform parents about
the lessons is coming. Mrs Hall says a Mindfulness presenter is coming to the ATA
convention this year to train teachers.

- Sara is getting locks for the kitchen cabinets.

- School Council thinking of starting “Did You Know” posts on facebook - eg. Did you know
you can help classes from home ask your child’s teacher how you can get involved. Did
you know that School Council supports funding for presentations, field trips etc.
Thousands of dollars per year. Did you know that you can donate to Condor School on
the WRSD website. You can even let them know where you want your donation to go eg.
gym equipment, music instruments to help support student learning.

Adjourned - 7:00 p.m. Next Meeting November 13th.



Condor School Parent Advisory Council

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Call to Order: 7:00

In Attendance: Tessa Rancier, Nancy Lublinkhof, Tara LaBas, Dana Dickson, Penni Lougheed,
Tarra Nedved, Melissa Pittendreigh, Brenda Hall, Liz Lozo, Cheryl Kalev, Sara Hay, Gary

Approval of last minutes 1st Sara 2nd Melissa

Treasurer’s Report: Liz Lozo

$7007. 65 in General Account, $6600.65 in Bingo Account and $11, 301.08 in Casino Account
Liz has also prepared a breakdown how much money was spent per student per year by School
Council. Last year $79.15 (presentations, field trips etc.).

Fundraising Report/ Bingo Report Tara Nedved

- Tara made poster and will send it to Cheryl to be posted in the school and on facebook.
- Tara attended the Red Deer Bingo Association Meeting and voted in favor of giving
organizations one strike if they do not attend this annual meeting. Three strikes can lead
to the organization or group could lose their bingo spot. This is reset each year. The
revenues are down for bingo and the concession there. Casino may also be changing
due to amalgamation between casinos we will have to wait and see what happens.
- Liz requested bingo reports be given to her if someone volunteering there could bring
them to the meetings.

Hot Lunch - Sara - October 29th Hot Lunch

Old Business

- Motion made by Nancy that we pay $200 per grade to be used for classroom resources
educational needs. Seconded by Tara LaBas - All in favor. Teachers are requested to
submit their receipts. Liz gave the forms to Brenda. The forms are to be submitted with
receipts to School Council.

- David Thompson White buses - class 4 license is required. Buses can be used with
training. 10 cents per km. plus gas costs. Priority is given to David Thompson which
usually uses them mostly for after school. Leslieville also uses them. Paying the driver
may be an added cost.

School requests

- hurdles $164 per each one. Total $820 (Cheryl will look into getting them from the
school budget).

- Year End performer - $1000 Melissa motioned that School Council pay this from the
Casino acct. Tara Nedved seconded.

- Alberta Opera $950 Liz motioned that School Council pay this from Bingo acct. Nancy

- Fieldtrip funding per student - Thank you Liz for providing the information for
discussions. Nancy motioned to have $20 per student for field trips from the Casino fund.
Seconded by Melissa. Nancy also motioned to have $5 per student for field trips from the
General fund. Seconded by Tara Nedved The total per student will be $25 each. This will
be very helpful to parents.

New Business: None

Adjournment - 7:59 p.m.


Condor School Council Meeting
Tuesday September 17, 2019

Call to Order: 6:31 p.m.

Introductions around the table.

In Attendance: Tessa Rancier, Alanna Hoeksema, Tara LaBas, Dana Dickson, Penni Lougheed,
Tarra Nedved, Kris Ewert, Melissa Pittendreigh, Brenda Hall, Liz Lozo, Sabrina McMeekin,
Jackie Heide, Cheryl Kalev, Sara Hay

Approval of last minutes 1st Tara 2nd Melissa

Principal’s Report:

- WRSD switched from having its own transportation to Prairie (a private company) - bus
times have been affected and are getting worked out.

- Parent Pick up and Drop off - mandate from the division that buses need to be gone from
the parking lot then people can come through with private vehicles. The parking lot is

- Back to School Barbecue was successful again and was well attended - Thank you to
School Council for setting up the event.

- Fieldtrip costs have dramatically increased from 60 to 80% from last year due to the
transportation switch to a private company. Alternatives could be Parent drivers
(abstracts needed see Sherry about form), also pricing for DT buses was discussed. Mrs
Kalev will come back with pricing in October.

- Condor School has lots of teams this year! Thank you coaches for all your work and
commitment. Penni Lougheed is offering to singing choir (gr. 1 to 7) at noon hour at
Condor School on Mondays and Handchimes/bell (gr. 3 to 7) on Mondays after school at
the Condor Hall. Starting September 30th.

Teacher’s Report: Mrs Hall

- Terry Fox run on Thursday
- Hotdog sales went well- supporting 6 flags for veterans
- Discussion around ski trip and whether grade 4 will change to go to Canyon - a survey
will be sent out.
- Discussion around charging for bus - cost will be $1800 - coach holds 56 and yellow bus

Trustee’s Report

- Gary unable to attend - sends his regrets - nothing new to report regarding consolidation
of corridor schools.

Old Business - none

New Business:

AGM - Executive Council Members for School Council 2019/2020

- Chairperson - Tessa Rancier willing to remain in this position - Motion made by Tara

LaBas to have Tessa remain as Chairperson. Seconded by Melissa - All in favor.

- Vice Chairperson - Tara LaBas willing to remain in this position - Motion made Dana to
have Tara remain as Vice Chairperson. Seconded by Liz - All in favor.

- Secretary - Penni Lougheed offered to fill this position - Motion made by Tarra Nedved to
have Penni fill the Secretary position. Seconded by Melissa - All in favor.

- Treasurer - Liz Lozo willing to remain in this position - Motion made by Melissa to have
Liz remain as Treasurer. Seconded by Dana - All in favor.

- Hot Lunch Coordinator - Sara Hay is willing to remain in this position - Motion made by
Tara to have Sara remain as Hot Lunch Coordinator. Seconded by Penni. All in favor.

- Fundraising Chairperson - Alanna stepped down - Tarra Nedved offered to fill this
position. Motion made by Tara to have Tarra fill the Fundraising Chairperson position.Seconded by Dana - All in favor.

Mindfulness Program - Sabrina McMeekin

Mrs Kalev shared that Cenovus gave a donation to Condor School and that Mindfulness would
be a valuable program for the students. Sabrina came in to share mindfulness with the staff and
all are on board with the program. Sabrina shared some of the tools with us in a video.
Mindfulness is sharing tools to help regulate emotions and deal positively with them. The
program would be Monday mornings using Mindfulness kits. The grant will cover equipment -
pay presenter. Sabrina has been trained in Mindfulness. Parents expressed interest in taking
part and learning the tools. An interest post will be sent out on Facebook by Sara and Sabrina is
willing to share Mindfulness tools with parents.

Sensory Room
$13,000 dollar grant was approved and received - video shared with council about the benefits
of Sensory Rooms to all students. $1800 for mat. In order to remodel a room for this it would be
$8000. Sara asked about volunteers doing the work. Discussion was held and they will
prioritize what’s needed. Parents can see other Sensory Rooms in WRSD in Caroline, Rocky
Mountain House and Drayton Valley. The Sensory Room would be constructed so when renos
and new builds happen Sensory room materials can be transferred readily.

Overnight Field Trips
- Sara motioned that students be able to attend overnight field trips. Seconded by Penni -
All in favor.

All in favor of minutes being emailed to all named board members.

Council Kitchen Equipment needs to be secured so it is available with needed - Permission was
given to put locks on two of the cupboards - Sara will get locks.

Please do not put jerseys in the freezer.

Meeting Dates for 2019/2020
October 8
November 13
January 14
March 10
April 21
June 9
Meeting times will be 6:30

Meeting Adjourned - 8:10 p.m.

March 2019 Parent Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Parent Advisory Council Meeting
March 5, 2019

Call to Order: 7:46pm

Attendance: Jackie Heide, Tara Lebas, Liz Lozo, Sara Hay, Stacie Lee, Cheryl Kalev, Tessa Rancier, Melissa
Pittendreigh, Nancy Lubinkof, Dana Dickson, Chad Judd

Last meeting minutes approved by Sara, 2nd by Tara

Treasurer’s report:
> Accounts: General- $7915.11; Bingo- $5493.48 (+ Jan bingo); Casino- $11297.80
Fundraising report:
>thinking of having a bond cheque or possibly prepay field trips and by working a bingo will then
be reimbursed, Liz will calculate an amount per student spent from Condor PAC to student benefits to
share and we may try for a rep from each class to help recruit workers

Hot lunch:

Old Business:
>Gr 6 Camp Goldeye trip was approved for $1400 from PAC if Grade 6 parents worked an extra
bingo, Alana said she was able to get extra help and can move forward

New Business:
>Sara motions to pay $500 for staff appreciation lunch (from Casino acct), Tesse 2nd, all approve

Next Meeting May 14, 2019
Adjourned at 8:17pm


March 2019 School Council Meeting

Condor School Council Meeting
March 5, 2019

Call to order: 6:35pm

In Attendance: Gary Thompson, Jackie Heide, Tara Lebas, Liz Lozo, Sara Hay, Stacie Lee, Cheryl Kalev,
Tessa Rancier, Melissa Pittendreigh, Nancy Lubinkof, Dana Dickson, Chad Judd

Approval of last minutes- 1 st - Tara 2nd- Tessa

Principal’s report:

▪ Mrs Rudd has been teaching all grades music with a variety of instruments on Wednesdays
▪ teaching kids to focus on kindness and community eg: Gr5 class made quilts to donate to seniors, Gr7
donated Flags for Veterans
▪ students had an author visit, will attend a play at Cornerstone Theatre and watch Alberta Opera
perform at Leslieville School, as well as hosting a performance from Bashaw School Band
▪ Mrs Kalev has been asked to present at the National Rural Education Congress in Saskatoon after the
Director visiting last fall and being impressed with our school’s culture and student engagement

Teacher’s report:
▪ ECS enjoyed a play in Red Deer and are now learning their last names, adding, subtracting, and how to
retell a story
▪ GR 1 had their 100 Day party
▪ GR 2&3 had a great day skiing at Canyon
▪ Gr 4-5 are finishing up swim lessons and were able to attend some of the Winter Games
▪ Gr 5 just finished 2 Quilts that they donated to two Seniors from RMH
▪ Gr 6 is doing the DARE program
▪ Gr 7 Leadership team purchased 4 Veteran Voices flags and will buy 2 more at the end of hot dog sales
▪ GR 4-7 went skiing at Nakiska
▪ Gr 2 would like to thank Parent council for the Div 1 literacy books

Trustee’s report:

▪ approved 3 year capital plan of Condor & Leslieville schools
▪ 2019/20 calendar approved
▪ in negotiations with caretakers and support staff
▪ tenders out for transportation for south buses
▪ Umbrella meeting March 12, 5:30 @ West Central
▪ approval was given for 4 school trips in the division

Old Business:
▪ None

New Business:
▪ Proposed Advocacy Resolutions sent to Tessa by Brad on behalf of the ASCA, can be accessed at
▪ Sara researched council code of ethics and school act and wants to remind our council that we don’t
mediate but direct complaints to the proper people and to follow guidelines properly so we are
operating according to code; we will keep FB page for info and positivity and revamp rules &
regulations of the FB page monitored by admin. and adding a One Strike rule for negative or
derogatory posts
▪ snow days- early alert is very appreciated by parents and students are always welcome at the school
▪ Joe Social Media will present to Gr 5-7 March 20 and free to public in the evening
▪ MoMo challenge will be addressed by staff if necessary
▪ School Messenger will phase out “Remind”

Next meeting May 14, 2019

Adjourned at 7:45 pmCondor School Council Meeting

January 8, 2019 - Condor School Council Meeting Minutes

Condor School Council Meeting
January 8, 2019
Call to order: 7:24pm

In Attendance:

Jackie Heide, Liz Lozo, Sara Hay, Stacie Lee, Cheryl Kalev, Tessa Rancier, Melissa Pittendreigh, Lisa Healing

Approval of last minutes- 1st - Sara 2nd- Melissa

Principal’s report:

▪ New EA was hired
▪ New curriculum is being introduced, staff will go to a meeting at Division office March 1/19
▪ “Remind” notification won’t be supported by Bell & Rogers customers after Jan. 28, Division is looking
into different options

Teacher’s report:
▪ Ski trip booked Jan. 31 for Gr.4-7 to Nakiska with Leslieville and Feb. 14 for Gr. 2-3 at Canyon
▪ 3 Basketball teams
▪ swimming for Gr 4-5 has started

Trustee’s report:
▪ no trustee in attendance
▪ Umbrella meeting March 12 in RMH

Old Business:
▪ None

New Business:
▪ None

Next meeting March 5, 2019

Adjourned at 7:55 pm

January 8, 2019 - Parent Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Parent Advisory Council Meeting
January 8, 2019

Call to Order: 6:38pm

Attendance: Liz Lozo, Stacie Lee, Jackie Heide, Cheryl Kalev, Tessa Rancier, Julie Ahlstrom, Lisa Healing,
Sara Hay, Melissa Pittendreigh, Nicole Lee

Last meeting minutes approved by Liz, 2nd by Sara

Treasurer’s report:

> Accounts: General- $7814.00; Bingo- $7614.48; Casino- $13501.55
>needs reviewed for audit, Tara will have it done, waiting to hear on that
Fundraising report:
> N/A

Hot lunch:

>Subway next month
>Sara did up Christmas hampers for 14 families with donations from other families

Old Business:

New Business:

>Teacher wish list-
>Dare to Care- Sara motioned, Lisa 2nd, to spend $750 from Bingo
>Outside recess equipment- Julie motioned, Melissa 2nd, $750 from Casino
>Cornerstone Theatre- Julie motioned, Sara 2nd, $1000 from Casino
>Alien In Line- Liz motioned, Sara 2nd, $1795 from Bingo
>Div. 1 Home Literacy program- Sara motioned, Melissa 2nd, $2000 from Casino
>Year end presenter- Nicole motioned, Julie 2nd, $1000 from Bingo
>Ski trip bus- we are going to try for extra parent drivers and only need one bus, if
possible, instead of having two that aren’t full

Next Meeting March 5, 2019

Adjourned at 7:23pm

November 13, 2018 Parent Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Parent Advisory Council Meeting
November 13, 2018

Call to Order: 7:17pm

Attendance: Tara LaBas, Liz Lozo, Dana Dickson, Chad Judd, Stacie Lee, Jackie Heide, Cheryl Kalev

Treasurer’s report:
> Accounts: General- $7799.59; Bingo- $7713.79 (-Nov bingo meal & +Sept bingot); Casino-
$15295.25 (-Alien inline)
>needs reviewed for audit, Tara will have it done

Fundraising report:
> N/A

Hot lunch:
> student help has went well, Sara is going to survey lunch preferences amongst students
>Sara will look into providing Christmas hampers for school families again

Old Business:

New Business:
>Dare to Care booked for Nov. 20
>Teacher wish list-
>not enough in attendance to vote on approving

Adjourned at 19:45

November 13, 2018 School Council Meeting Minutes

Condor School Council Meeting
November 13, 2018

Call to order: 6:33pm

In Attendance: Tara LaBas, Jackie Heide, Liz Lozo, Alanna Hoeksema, Chad Judd, Sara Hay, Stacie Lee,
Dana Dickson, Cheryl Kalev

Approval of last minutes- 1 st - Chad, 2 nd - Sara

Principal’s report:
▪ Condor School Accountability report summary- concerned with parental involvement result (full report
is available to review) attendees brainstormed on ways to increase parent involvement
▪ Grade 6 PAT exam results reviewed (available through Cheryl) Math was a concern
▪ Playground issue explained- staff deciding the North side of school building was too hard to have
properly supervised during recess, so it will not be used due to safety for now
▪ Pokemon has been banned as there had been too many distractions & altercations amongst students
for staff to deal with

Teacher’s report:
▪ Book fair was a huge success
▪ Mrs Rae is doing hot dog days and the $ will go to the Highway 11 Veteran flags, they are looking for
local veterans
▪ Ski trip booked for January 31 to Nakiska with Leslieville
▪ Volleyball wrapped up and Basketball is starting
▪ Christmas concert is December 18 at 1:00 & 6:30

Trustee’s report:
▪ no trustee in attendance
▪ Umbrella meeting tonight

Old Business:
▪ None

New Business:
▪ None

Adjourned at 7:16pm


Condor School Council Meeting

October 9, 2018

Call to order: 18:32


In Attendance: Tara LaBas, Tessa Rancier, Jackie Heide, Liz Lozo, Alanna Hoeksema, Danielle Peterson, Chad Judd, Cheryl Kalev, Julie Andrew


Approval of last minutes- 1st- Liz Lozo, 2nd- Sara Hay


Principal’s report:

▪ Thank you to everyone that is able to volunteer time for school council

▪ Special thank you for being so understanding when Cheryl’s mom passed away at start of school year unexpectedly- staff and parents stepped up immensely

▪ Smooth start- students have adjusted well to new staff, looking forward to having Mrs.Rae back at end of October

▪ Volleyball is off to a great start. Thanks to parent and student coaches and staff reps

▪ Excited to be recognized for literacy program with Division Leaders sending other staff out to observe our practice

▪ new K-4 curriculum is still undergoing revisions- hopefully out next year

▪ Camp Goldeye date for grade 6’s


Teacher’s report:

▪ Terry Fox run was rescheduled due to weather but we ended up having a great weather day

▪ Turkey Trot- huge success and a lot of fun in the sun. Thanks to Mrs.Kuhn/Mrs.Britton for organizing both

▪ Volleyball is up and running. Thank you to parent coaches and DT students for helping out

▪ LLI groups will be starting again next week. We saw amazing growth in some students last year that was maintained through the summer

▪ Ski Trip for grade 4-7 to Nakiska is tentatively booked for March 5. Jackie is waiting for Nakiska to confirm that we have a quiet day on the hill and that we have two coach busses. Going to send out a survey to see parent commitment to driving so there is not an empty bus coming back- big expenditure

▪ Grade 5 had an amazing time at Camp Evergreen despite the colder weather

▪ Grade 2-3 will be going to Canyon Feb 14/19


Trustee’s report:

                ▪ Julie Andrew here in place of Gary.

                ▪ Sept 6 capital plan was submitted and is available in Superintendent report online

                ▪ board met in August and set goals

                ▪ looked at Cannabis legislation coming up- less concern for Elementary schools

▪ been safety concerns in Drayton Valley with homeless people living in the grove of trees by the school

                ▪ All accountability reports are being reviewed

▪ Final dates for closure of DT is Dec 31 2021 for school and Dec 31 2022 for lagoon decommission 

Old Business:

▪ None


New Business:

▪Change a couple meeting dates- Jan 9 will now be Jan 8 2019, March 7 will now be March 9 2019- motion to change dates 1st- Liz Lozo, 2nd Tara Labas

▪ March 12 2019 is South Umbrella SC meeting- should have representation there

▪Motion to remove Sandra Frid, add Tessa Rancier to bank signing authority at Eckville Credit Union by Liz Lozo, 2nd Chad Judd

▪AGLC member updates- are they up to date? Yes. Add a copy to the binder; still waiting for last years to be audited- need to find someone new. Does it need to be a CA? CRA? Possibly look at Mel Meikle

▪Parent input regarding WRSD procedures for criminal record and Intervention Record Checks- should we move to a 3 year cycle? Yes.

▪ Accountability Pillar Results- requesting SC support in digging deeper into parental involvement in schools. How can we find out more from parents? Grade 4/7 get questionnaire in mail- this indicated concerns surrounding (lack of) parental involvement

                ▪ What does a survey to parents look like? Only 15% responded- NEED more replies

                ▪ Cheryl- means volunteering, speaking with teachers

▪ Jackie- how can teachers involve parents more than they currently are? How can teachers MAKE us feel like we are more connected?

▪ Umbrella School Council- what topics would we like discussed? Literacy, Mental Health


Adjourned at 19:13pm


Parent Advisory Council Meeting

October 9, 2018


Call to Order: 19:07

Attendance: Tara LaBas, Tessa Rancier, Jackie Heide, Liz Lozo, Alanna Hoeksema, Danielle Peterson, Chad Judd, Cheryl Kalev


Approval of Minutes:  Change GC name to Cherie Litke in treasurer’s report, change motion name on same from (Sara Hay/Sara Hay to Liz Lozo/Sara Hay)- done

Treasurer’s report:

▪ Accounts: General- $7489.19; Bingo- $7733.58 (sept Bingo not added yet); Casino- $15314.46 (Alien inline approved for funding- keep this in mind)

Fundraising report:

                ▪ Bingo forms are in for 5 Bingos.

                ▪ September bingo went well, next bingo is November 7

▪ Grade 6 classes work a bingo or pay $50- No, cannot do that. The cost for the grade has been determined and published, cannot have additional costs at this point.

▪ Camp Goldeye moving forward- can we take the risk that a group of parents from grade 6 won’t work bingos to fundraise this additional cost? No. Fundraising is supplementing the majority of the cost, for future we need to find an alternative to raise money or change the activity

Hot lunch:

                                ▪ October 23 is pizza day

Old Business:



New Business:

▪ Teacher wish list- Field trip funding, playground equipment (current is getting worn out), Art supplies (budget already used up), Anti-bullying Program, classroom library, Sensory room (approx. $11000)

▪ Ask parents about wish list items

▪ Arts program (fine arts stuff)

▪ Survey parents- what is the best way to fundraise? Look at other camps.


Adjourned at 19:45


Condor School Council Meeting

September 11, 2018

Call to order: 18:32


In Attendance: Tara LaBas, Stacie Lee, Tessa Rancier, Jackie Heide, Liz Lozo, Sandra Frid, Sara Hay, Nancy Lublinkhof, Alanna Hoeksema, Danielle Peterson, Melissa Pittendreigh


Approval of last minutes- 1st-  Sara Hay, 2nd- Liz Lozo


Principal’s report:

▪request has been put in for a new build for the High School and full modernization for (Condor) elementary. Will have approval/denial by April 15, 2019

▪current enrolment is at 169; ECS-19, Gr1- 20, Gr2- 15, Gr 3- 17, Gr4- 20, Gr5- 24, Gr6- 30, Gr7-24

▪Current staffing; ECS- Mrs. Hall, 1- Mrs. Kuhn, 2- Mrs. Heide and Mrs. Valentine, 3- Mrs.Britton (also teaching gr 4 Social/science), 4- Mrs. Carson (also teaching gr3 math), 5- Mrs. O’Brien, 6- Ms. Duek (from Locheran), 7- Ms. Rae- Mr. Manuel is covering her medical leave until end of October, LC- Mrs. Valentine, SSF- Mrs. Heide, Music/Art- Ms. Rudd

Teacher’s report:

▪the year is off to a good start so far

▪ Terry Fox run Sept 21

▪Camp Evergreen for gr5 Sept 27-28

▪Volleyball for gr6/7- Staff Rep- Tracy Carson and Talayna Bohlken; Girls coach- Dana Dickson, still looking for a boys coach

▪Turkey Trot October 5 around 13:30- still looking for donations for turkeys

▪School pictures- October 5 am

▪Ski tip date will be announced as soon as it is confirmed with Nakiska, grade 4-7- (end of Feb/beginning of March); gr2/3 will be going to Canyon again

▪Dawe run Sept 18

Trustee’s report:

                ▪Gary unavailable, no representative


                ▪Chairperson- Tessa Rancier

                ▪Vice Chairperson- Tara LaBas

                ▪Secretary- Stacie Lee

                ▪Treasurer- Liz Lozo

                ▪Hot Lunch Coordinator- Sara Hay

                ▪Fundraiser Chairperson- Alanna Hoeksema


Old Business:

▪Back to school BBQ this Thursday

New Business:

▪Meeting Dates for 2018/2019-(2018) Sept 11, October 9, November 13, Dec- N/A; (2019) January 9, Feb- N/A, March 7, April- N/A, May 14, June- N/A


Adjourned at 19:07pm


Parent Advisory Council Meeting

September 11, 2018


Call to Order: 19:07

Attendance: In Attendance: Tara LaBas, Stacie Lee, Tessa Rancier, Jackie Heide, Liz Lozo, Sandra Frid, Sara Hay, Nancy Lublinkhof, Alanna Hoeksema, Danielle Peterson, Melissa Pittendreigh


Approval of Minutes:  1st Sara Hay, 2nd Liz Lozo

Treasurer’s report:

                ▪ Accounts: General- $7942.34; Bingo- $7868.18; Casino- $19314.46

▪ Motion to submit forms for application for Bingo license by Stacie Lee, 2nd Sara Hay

▪Cheques are needed- motion to purchase by Tara Labas, 2nd Tessa Rancier

▪motion to purchase $50 GC for Sherry Mailer for reviewing documents by Sara Hay, 2nd Sara Hay

▪want teachers to update wish list

Fundraising report:

                ▪Forms need to be filled out for request- do we want 5 bingos again?- Yes

                ▪Grade 6- option to work bingo or pay $50- need a weekend bingo? Yes, still only 5 total

Hot lunch:

                                ▪Thursday BBQ- Roxanne is doing pulled pork, she is also setting up and could use a few moms to help out

                                ▪first hot lunch will be in October

                                ▪students are going to help with hot lunch this year/ take cash

                                ▪all forms that state paid on school cash online must have a reference number attached. If there is no reference number the forms will be sent home by the teachers

Old Business:



New Business:

▪Is parent council willing to pay for freezies/h2o for Terry Fox run? Yes. Motion by Liz Lozo, 2nd Alanna Hoeksema

▪Motion to pay $4000 for bussing by Nancy Lublinkhof, 2nd Stacie Lee

▪Classroom Libraries- funding potential

▪Jackie taking potential funding forward to staff

▪Alien in-line booked Jan 8-10


Adjourned at 19:52


Parent Advisory Council Meeting

May 8, 2018


Call to Order: 19:08

Attendance: Tara LaBas, Cheryl Kalev, Stacie Lee, Tessa Rancier, Liz Lozo, Sandra Frid, Amber Misner, Sara Hay by phone

Approval of Minutes:  1st Stacie Lee, 2nd Liz Lozo

Treasurer’s report:

                ▪ Accounts: General- $8193.72; Bingo- $4797.24; Casino- $22110.22

▪ Motion to pay Liz Lozo $14.49 for postage from Bingo Account- 1st Stacie Lee, 2nd Sandra Frid

Fundraising report:

                ▪ Bingo May 23

Hot lunch:

                                ▪ Mrs. Rae/ Sara noticed parents having issues with paying online- they say they pay online but don’t actually complete the action. Sara is also having parents that pay online then don’t send back a form for students- what is the solution? Sherry could put in online- training is on June 1st.


New Business:

▪ School is looking for support to buy 10 Chromebooks at $280 each- Motion to pay for 10 chromebooks by Liz Lozo, 2nd Tessa Rancier. All in favor. Casino fund will pay this expense and cheque was written.

▪ Hot Containers- wait until next year to deal with this- no more hot lunches this year

▪ Track meet date May 30/31- menu will be similar to last year

▪ Track Meet lunch- Pizza is approved. Motion to do pizza lunch by Stacie Lee, 2nd Liz Lozo. Approximate cost is $750

▪ Hot lunch fund has $701.32 from the school plus cash

▪ Sandra Frid is definitely stepping down as president. Recommendation to keepa n eye on spending as consolidation approaches- look at having it spent where we want it prior to this date.

▪ Playgrounds will not be part of funding with consolidation plans- can any of our money be allotted to this for future use?


Adjourned at 7:51



Condor School Council Meeting

May 8, 2018

Call to order: 18:34


In Attendance: Tara LaBas, Cheryl Kalev, Stacie Lee, Tessa Rancier, Gary Thompson. Liz Lozo, Sandra Frid, Amber Misner


Approval of last minutes- 1st-  Liz Lozo, 2nd- Stacie Lee


Principal’s report:

▪Value Management meeting- WRSD will receive a report with recommendations for long-term solution to providing modern facilities for corridor students. WRSD will submit proposal to Alberta Education and next step will be to wait for approval from the government. Short-term solution may see portables moved to Condor

▪Invention Convention will be on June 22. Visitors will be welcome to see dispalys in the afternoon

▪Budget- Out school staffing allocation from WRSD has us with exactly the same number of teachers as last year and no EA allocation. The government has not you announced Classroom Improvement Funding details which could be used to hire part-time EA

▪Staffing- WRSD has about 10 teachers with permanent contracts to find placements. Cheryl will attend staffing meeting at Division Office on Thursday afternoon and will likely find out how/if this affects our school

▪Cheryl- knee surgery May 17- Jackie Heide will be acting admin

▪ Fee Table:

ECS Supplies



Outdoor Education



6&7 Team Sports


















4&5 Team Sports

Archery Team



Archery Tour



X- Country



























Teacher’s report:

▪The whole school enjoyed Kangoo in April as well as an Inuit author presentation

▪We sent a full roster to the badminton tournament in May and five of our student advanced to the next round

▪Track practice and Run Club will be starting shortly

▪Our grade 6 wrote their first PAT on Monday and will write the rest in June

▪Grade 7 went on their Outdoor Ed trip on May 23-25 and we would like to thiank School Council and Rocky Trappers for supporting this program

▪Track Meet will be at Condor this year on May 30 (31st as alternate). Division Track Meet for Grades 6&7 is June 5

▪Teachers are very sensitive to rising costs of school supplies and are going to get quotes from School Start and Staples to see which company offers the best value to parents. Parents always have the option of purchasing supplies on their own rather than form the on-line order form


Trustee’s report:

                ▪Umbrella meeting took place- 3 year grace period has been granted before DT need to be demolished.

                ▪Approved 19/20 capital plan

                ▪Board Meetings now start at 0930 rather than 0900

                ▪Value Management meetings on April 19/20

                ▪Had meetings with surrounding counties and towns- went well


Old Business:



New Business:

                ▪Report form Umbrella Council meeting- April 24, 2018:

  1. Cell phones in schools- admin feels they are necessary due to lack of chromebooks, but that Teachers should still have control over them in the classroom
  2. Council provides $300 to send a member to Alberta Parent Council Advisory meeting- many discussions about importance & feasibility; talk about cost of modernization of DT vs new schools; portables may be moved to Condor prior to mocement- won’t be announde duntil March 31/2019; Bothe plans discussed were for the elementary to house 300 students and the high school to house 250 students; $9million were originally allotted for DT modernization- this will now be used for demolition/reclamation/portable upgrades. Looks like there will be community use. Once the division submits a plan there will be an open house held.
  3. Back to school BBQ- Sept 13/18
  4. First Parent Council meeting will be held Sept 11/18 at 18:30


Adjourned at 19:04pm


Condor School Council Meeting

March 13, 2018

Call to order: 6:30

In Attendance: Tara LaBas, Cheryl Kalev, Sara St. Marie, Dana Dickson, Alanna Hoeksma, Sara Hay, Kyla Foster, Chad Judd, Melissa Pittendreigh, Nicole Dawson, Danielle Peterson, Stacie Lee, Tessa Rancier, Gary Thompson

Approval of last minutes- add Stacie Lee to attendance

                                                Approved by Tara LaBas, 2nd Sara Hay

Principal’s report:

▪Thank you to school council for treats for our Olympic Day celebration. I attended the Rural Education Symposium last week and it was very eye-opening for me that the funding formula being used by Alberta Education is resulting in most rural school divisions facing never seen cutbacks to their bottom line.

                The funding formula is working well for very large school divisions

                We are not unique and alone in the fight with funding (difficulty across the province)

                Make deficiencies public with a strong public voice

▪Teacher’s professional development continues to focus on how to plan student learning that increases student engagement and academic improvement. Our focus is on using research-based instruction strategies such as small group instruction and increased hands-on activities. PD days continue to share a lot of best practice

▪We continue to focus on the importance of character development through our Trait of the Month Program. Traits such as kindness, teamwork, perseverance and problem-solving have been addressed. Any parent input into traits they’d like us to consider? (Integrity)


Teacher’s report:

▪Archery is finishing up (tourney Friday)

▪Michael Mitchell performance was enjoyed by all

▪Michael & Geraldine Kusugak are coming to the Learning Commons to do Inuit presentations/artifacts on April 11 (gr1-7)

▪Theresa Buck (Kangoo Classes) will be coming April 12/13 for phys ed classes (gr 1-7).  Also, is offering a 6-week program for kids on Tuesday nights after school (3:30-4:30) beginning on April 24

▪grades 2 and 3 went to Canyon

                ▪grades 4-7 went to Nakiska

▪The entire school went to the Wizard of Oz musical in Red Deer

▪Girl's Basketball team won the divisional tournament. 

▪Badminton has started Carol O'Brien and Kelsey Paul are coaching

▪Winter Olympics was a huge success

▪FMNI - presentation on March 22 for all grades  


Trustee’s report:

▪Rural funding: 8 different Ministers of Education since Gary has been in, he believes they are now understanding the inequality of the funding formula

▪All rural areas are suffering and needing to make the same challenging decisions

▪Revisions made to the following policies:

                Policy 1- Foundation Statements

                Policy 20- Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning and Working Environments

                Both are online and welcoming comments until March 20th

▪DT Modernization

▪Signed memorandum of Agreement with ATA

▪3 schools were approved for overseas trips

▪2018/2019 calendar approved

▪Secretary Treasurer has given resignation for the end of May

▪Campaign in next couple of weeks for 1 school budget division

                Primary goal is getting 1 funding division for the province so all schools are funded appropriately (eliminates overhead)

                Information with be on the PBSA website

▪Umbrella meeting Tuesday April 24, 2018 at West Center HS in RMH

                Would babysitting be helpful at these meetings? (yes)

                Suggested that the budget that is presented exactly as it will be used, rather than “dumbing it down”

                If there are topics to be discussed, please bring them forward

▪Evergreen (new school in Drayton Valley) was slated to open Sept 2019, now pushed to 2020 with no date


Old Business:

                ▪Spring presenter booked- $997.50- Sheldon Casavant Magician

                                Bring up PAC funding this at next meeting

New Business:

                ▪Corridor Value Management Meeting

  1. What are the concerns?
  2. Functionality considerations
  3. Programming requirements
  4. Parent expectations to make this idea work in going from 3 down to 2 schools

-no certainty that this is happening, not ready for community input yet

-March 20/21 meeting- want community member there- 1 parent from each school

-School council will have opportunity to come forward once progress is moved to the next stage

-Amber Misner (representative) should be at school council meetings to hear proper concerns

-What are the hallways going to look like?

(current specs are narrower that what we currently have. The width will not be increased)

-If Condor becomes elementary- what happens to playground space?; Gymnasium space?; Parking- safe parking?; busses; pedestrian safety; HS track and field field- community run?; playschool; amalgamate parent council?; Class sizes; change rooms; functional spectator space; separate spaces for volunteers with kids

▪Send emails to Cheryl with ideas for this

▪Cities get underbuilt- will these be built for growth?

▪Programming for students that will draw students to the area- maybe get kids back from Catholic



Adjourned at 7:23pm


Parent Advisory Council Meeting

March 13, 2018


Call to Order: 7:24

Attendance: Tara LaBas, Cheryl Kalev, Sara St. Marie, Dana Dickson, Alanna Hoeksma, Sara Hay, Kyla Foster, Chad Judd, Melissa Pittendreigh, Nicole Dawson, Danielle Peterson, Stacie Lee, Tessa Rancier

Approval of Minutes: Add Stacie Lee to January attendance

                                Approved by Chad Judd, 2nd Stacie Lee

Treasurer’s report:

                ▪ Accounts: General- $9149.20; Bingo- $4324.13; Casino- $137.68

▪ Remove request to pay $2137.68 for casino advisor & food from general account until casino money comes through- cheque came

Fundraising report:

                ▪ 4 people needed for Bingo March 28, 1 for May 23 (last bingo of the school year)

                ▪Cheryl will send out a Remind/put up poster

Hot lunch:

                                ▪ Taco in a bag profit- slightly <$400

▪hot chocolate day went well- enough left over for another day (Roxanne donated all the cookies)

                                ▪April will be Booster Juice lunch combos


New Business:

▪ School is looking for support to buy 10 Chromebooks at $280 each (carry over until after Casino money has come in)

▪Track meet date May 17- concession? (yes)

▪Camp Goldeye cost is $183 pp without bus (additional cost of $520 total) and would need to be completely self funded

                See if a teacher can be found to attend on volunteer time

                Adjourn until May PAC meeting

                                ▪Magician cost is $997.50 for performance June 27 (kindergarten is invited)

                                                Motion to pay full amount by Alanna Hoeksma, 2nd Sara Hay


Adjourned at 7:51


Condor School Council Meeting

January 16, 2018

Call to order: 6:31

Welcome all new and returning parents

In Attendance: Cheryl Kalev, Sara Hay, Sandra Frid, Tessa Rancier, Ashley McKenzie, Chad Judd, Alanna Hoeksma, Tara LaBas, Liz Lozo, Gary Thompson

Last meeting minutes approved by Sandra Frid, 2nd by Stacie Lee

Principal’s report:

                ▪Year is flying by and going remarkably smooth

                ▪Currently running 2 boys and 1 girls basketball team

                ▪Large number of students in grade 6 and 7 taking part in archery club

                ▪Farm Safety presentation for all grades next week

▪Skating rink is open and some classes are using it for gym. Students are allowed to skate at noon recess if they have necessary safety gear

▪Winter Olympics start this month- Condor is having a celebration to go alongside. Mrs.O’Brien is organizing the day. February 21, 2018 will have fun “Olympic events” like bob sled pulling and curling

▪Maintenance department has hired Brenda White to be the caretake for Condor on a 2 year contract

Teacher’s report:

▪Thank you for attending the Christmas concert, and for all the goodies over the holidays

▪Alien In-line was enjoyed by students. No make-up day available for inclement weather on the last day, unfortunately

▪Literacy program is in full swing and going well. Students are engaged and enjoying daily reading

▪Grade 7 leadership is doing another Hot Dog Day and Nerd Spirit Day on January 25, 2018.

                ▪Assembly and hot lunch (Pizza by PAC) is January 30, 2018

▪February is a busy and short month. No school Feb 2, 19, 22, 23. Weather permitting Olympic fun day will be Feb 21 with details to follow

                ▪Hot Dog day and PJ spirit day on Wednesday February 23, 2018




Trustee’s report:

▪2018-2019 calendar is in draft form on the website- any comments or concerns please get them in – next meeting is January 23, 2018

▪Received a letter from Curtis Clarke- proposal is being reviewed, he appreciates the work that has been done, encourages collaboration with municipality and government.

                ▪Annual stakeholder satisfaction survey is coming up- may receive a phone call

▪Governance and priority meeting January 16/17- looking at contract between government and teachers

                ▪Feb 8-10- Public School Board Council meeting

                ▪Bill 28 given Royal Assent on December 15, 2017

▪School tours starting next month- checks to see if annual education plans are being met, also see what needs are in classrooms etc.

Old Business:

                ▪Meet and mingle at school- very low turnout, should the idea be scrapped?

                                Don’t scrap it, invite Brad Volkman? Give him a list of questions

                                Try again in spring- hope to get new kindergarten parents

▪From Gary: was the Parent Council Umbrella meeting format good? Yes, interaction was good

New Business:

                ▪Chairperson-  Election. Sandra stepping in for now to fill spot. Need to find parents to help.

                ▪Motion to nominate Sandra Frid for Chairperson by Chad Judd, 2nd by Alana Hoeksma. Voted in

                ▪Motion to nominate Stacie Lee as Vice Chairperson by Liz Lozo, 2nd by Sara Hay

▪Motion to remove Sara St.Marie from Chairperson, put Sandra in place, put Stacie in vice-chair and add Stacie Lee to signing authority by Sara Hay, 2nd Liz Lozo

▪Community response to school reconfiguration: Some planning has started. Any questions for Cheryl that she can pass on?

Has there been any student input (options, labs etc)?

Are there plans to expand Condor property? Loss of outdoor space with new mods coming in is a concern.

 Is there a public discussion board? Yes- on WRSD website/facebook

▪School digital phone policy: feedback? Looks good. There used to be a personal device approval form for parents to sign- this will not happen again.

▪Parent suggestion for spring presenters- magician is running favorite.

▪Overview of new goals are always at the school and copies are available at all times


Adjourned at 7:21pm


Parent Advisory Council Meeting

January 16, 2018


Call to Order: 7:23

Attendance: Cheryl Kalev, Sara Hay, Sandra Frid, Tessa Rancier, Ashley McKenzie, Chad Judd, Alanna Hoeksma, Tara LaBas, Liz Lozo

Approval of Minutes: Motion to change end time of last meeting by Sara Hay, 2nd by Stacie Lee (time revised by Tessa Rancier to 7:18 as per notes)

Treasurer’s report:

                ▪ Accounts: General- $8123.31; Bingo- $5057.03; Casino- $137.91

▪ Motion to pay $2137.68 for casino advisor & food from general account until casino money comes through by Sara Hay, 2nd by Stacie Lee

▪ Bussing is paid

▪ $116 moved from General account to Bingo account- meals were paid in error from the general account

Fundraising report:

                ▪ 10 volunteers for bingo next week

▪ Asked to have bingo for just grade 5 so money can go toward Camp Goldeye rather than Evergreen. If this doesn’t go toward camp it will be used for something else. Cheryl is looking in to the cost for Camp Goldeye

Hot lunch:

                                ▪ Pizza this month, Taco in a bag for February

                                ▪ Booster Juice went really well, Mrs. Rae’s class delivered

Old Business:

▪ Cheryl asked for 50/50 cost split for Alien In-Line. Motion for Parent Council to cover the entire cost of $1764 by Sandra Frid, 2nd by Stacie Lee

                                ▪ Cost sharing for performer in spring- PAC believes near the end of the year is better                                      for this event. Cost sharing decision tabled to next meeting

▪ Motion to spend $200 for free hot dog day on February 21, 2018 by Stacie Lee, 2nd by Tessa Rancier

Next meeting March 13, 2018

Adjourned at 7:47


Condor School Council Meeting

October 17, 2017


Meeting started at 6:34

Welcome all new and returning parents

In Attendance: Cheryl Kalev, Gary Thompson, Shannon Valentine, Sara St.Marie, Sandra Frid, Chad Judd, Melissa Pittendreigh, Dana Dickson, Stacie Lee, Danielle Peterson, Alana Hoeksma, Liz Lozo

Principal’s report:

                Shared development between all teachers for all classes

                Remembrance Day here, not at DT. Eliminates bussing time, and more appropriate

                PT interviews- book your own November 7/8

                Cash online is going well

                Targeted illiteracy instruction

                Lack of EA’s= need to support teachers more

                PAT results were good, Cheryl has them if you’d like to see

Teacher’s report:

                Turkey trot went well

                Grade 4 field trip to landfill

                Grade 7 leadership working on spirit days and hot dog days

                Halloween party to start at 1:50 October 31, 2017

Trustee’s report:

                No recent board meeting because of election- Gary won!

                Umbrella meeting November 7, 2017 (provincial parent council organizing)

                WRSD fee schedule was approved

Old Business-

                Meet and mingle at school- December 5, 2017 at 8:30am, snacks provided

Approve meetings: motion to approve- Liz Lozo; second by Sandra Frid

Adjourned at 7:00pm




Parent Advisory Council Meeting

October 17, 2017


Meeting started at 7:00pm

In Attendance: Cheryl Kalev, Shannon Valentine, Sara St.Marie, Sandra Frid, Chad Judd, Melissa Pittendreigh, Dana Dickson, Stacie Lee, Danielle Peterson, Alana Hoeksma, Liz Lozo

Last meeting minutes approved by Dana Dickson; 2nd by Alana Hoeksma

Treasurer’s report:

                Accounts: General- $8348.23; Bingo- $3650.50; Casino- $137.91

                2017 Family dance net- $1839.50

Fundraising report:

                Bingo- less take home revenue

                Casino- less shifts required

Hot lunch:  no news

No Family dance next year

Motion to approve to keep glowsticks from dance ($105) by Melissa Pittendreigh; 2nd by Danielle Peterson

Next meeting January 16, 2018

Adjourned at 7:00pm





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