Fee Schedule 2018-2019

Condor School Fees 2018-2019 School Year


Proposed Costs as follow:

ECS - Supplies: $ 25.00

         Field Trips: $ 45.00


Grades 1-7 Activity Fees are set according to the activities that the teachers have proposed to do next year.  Grade amounts may very depending on what activities the classroom teacher has proposed to take part in.  These include but are not limited to activities such as: Camp Evergreen, Ski Trips, Swimming, Field Trips and Year End Trips.  The cost of these activities have been supplemented by donations to our school as well as funds from the school budget.

Grade 1 $ 0

Grade 2 $ 50

Grade 3 $ 36

Grade 4 $110

Grade 5 $ 173

Grade 6 $ 205

Grade 7 $143

Grade 7 Outdoor Ed. Course Option Fee - $ 20.00.


Grade 4 & 5 Team Sport and Tournament Fees - $ 50.00 if your child chooses to participate (Includes team sports such as Archery and Cross Country)

Grade 6 & 7 Team Sport and Tournament Fees - $ 105.00 if your child chooses to participate (Includes team sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Archery, Cross Country Run, etc.


Please be advised that all fees contain a 1.5% district processing fee for online cash payments relating to the processing of credit card charges.  It should be noted that the DO Processing fee is only a partial cost recovery, and will not cover all of the online costs (which will be paid for by Division Office