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Principal's Message June 2020

This past couple of months has been something that few of us could have even imagined.  The sudden closure of school buildings due to the pandemic was a shock to education and the traditional ways of education.  Early concerns about health and safety were soon followed with concerns about academic progress and social emotional impacts to children and families.  

The rapid pace at which staff, parents and students quickly experimented with on-line schooling was amazing. Growing pains, including technology and resource obstacles, were a part of early “crisis” mode as everyone did their best to adjust to a new reality.  Teachers quickly adjusted their teaching plans and methodology to try to figure out ways to ensure literacy and numeracy learning continued.  This was not an ideal situation in any way and lessons were learned, adjustments were made, and learning continued.  We will all work together to ensure that any learning gaps that occurred are addressed and we are committed to working with students who need extra help next year.  

Parents also met the learning curveball that was thrown at them as they too learned new technologies, including how a chromebook works, how to help with video chats, and how to support children who were learning at home.  The partnerships that have taken place between teachers and parents have impacted the results of this “unplanned event.”   I am truly impressed by students and their parents, as well as with staff, who have worked under very difficult circumstances. Thank you to everyone for doing the best that they could during this trying time.  

One of the most difficult things for everyone is that lack of closure or a chance to say a real good-bye.  We know we will meet again as the entire school population moves over to David Thompson for next year and that is something we are grateful for.  However, working with Division guidelines, teachers and staff are planning year-end celebrations and individual classroom wind-up activities.   Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 23 at 11:00 with more details to come early next week. 

Once again, it is truly my pleasure to be a part of such a great school community. 

Cheryl Kalev

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